Fiction With Meaning

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Driven life survivor that believes all of my experiences make me a good person worthy and capable of achieving great things.  Remarkable ability to battle my demons, while holding on to my truth and hope for the future. Capable of having empathy for other people and knowing that it is our flaws that makes each of us so perfect.

Resiliency, persistence and focus on being happy
Excellent in sharing life experiences without embarrassment or compromise
Solving complex problems without losing who I am in the process
Managing change I need to make in order to become a better person


  • Accomplished at being homely
  • Extensive experience not having anything that other children possess
  • Ability to cope with loud and demanding people
  • Skilled in overcoming disappointment and demoralization
  • Easily relates to people who can make something out of nothing, except unwavering faith


  • Survived being married to a heroin junkie
  • Capable of lasting three consecutive days without food while nursing a three month old baby
  • Skilled at moving to another state and living alone in fear and isolation
  • Superior coping skills at being a single parent with nothing more than a high school diploma
  • Qualified to get over the death of parent at the age of nineteen


  • Exceptional tolerance working for creatures in corporate America who will do anything to be “successful”
  • Expert at hiding my own lack of confidence to convince my daughter that she can be or do anything
  • Deep understanding of working for everything I have and being proud of my accomplishments
  • Creative and kind in listening to others talk about their hardships
  • Willingness to take risks in order to live my dream
  • Strong at conquering fear and pressing on regardless of what others think