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When Smiles Fade: Book Two

Young Emma Murphy kills people, but only if they deserve to die.

When Smiles Fade - by author Paige Dearth

By Paige Dearth

(The HOME STREET HOME SERIES is a collection of standalone novels.)

Emma’s little sister Gracie is the only light in her life. So after enduring years of unimaginable abuse by her drunken father and uncaring mother, she hardens her heart to shield her sibling from the same fate. But when Gracie becomes the new target, Emma fights back with extreme prejudice…

Fleeing the bloody trail and taking them both onto Philly’s rough streets, she’s forced to work as a stripper just to survive. Surrounded by mistrust, betrayal, and mob cruelty, she vows revenge against anyone who dares lay a finger on Gracie.

Can Emma protect her sister, or will her deranged and depraved past lead her down a path of destruction?

When Smiles Fade is a dark and graphic psychological thriller. If you like gritty realism, true-to-life characters, and stories that stay with you long after the final word, then you’ll love Paige Dearth’s harrowing tale.

**WARNING** 18+ Readers Only. Graphic content and subject matter.