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Mean Little People: Book Four

A reckless journey from boyhood to Mafia.

Mean Little People - by author Paige Dearth

By Paige Dearth

(The HOME STREET HOME SERIES is a collection of standalone novels.)

Tony Bruno is like any other seven-year-old boy . . . he wants to have fun and be accepted by his peers. But the boys in Tony’s school bully him unmercifully, until one day, they almost kill him.

His father is embarrassed by Tony’s inability to defend himself and tries to beat and berate the mean into his son. Tony’s only moments of peace were found in the arms of his mother, but she was no match for her husband and could not protect her son.

One day Tony’s tormentors push him too far. Possessed by blind rage Tony fights back with a vengeance, tipping the balance of power, and taking his rightful place among his peers.

Years later Tony notices the new kid, Salvatore being tormented by the class bully. Tony didn’t know that Salvatore’s father was a powerful man, and instinctively rushes into the fight and protects Salvatore. This act of kindness forges a bond creating a lifetime friendship of trust and loyalty.

One night Salvatore commits a horrific crime, and Tony being a devoted friend, pays the consequences. While in juvenile detention Tony is assaulted and the acts of cruelty harden him. Back on the outside with no place to go, Tony does what’s needed to survive.

After leaving his street gang, Tony becomes a made man inside the Philadelphia mob family where he has a sense of belonging. With resolute allegiance and conviction to the mafia, Tony cherishes being part of a real family, one much stronger than those with a bloodline.

This is a story about a boy born into poverty and destined to become a mobster. Tony Bruno loves as hard as he hates and protects as quickly as he kills.

Some see Tony as a criminal and others see him as a hero . . . but you must decide for yourself if Tony falls on the side of good or evil.

**WARNING** 18+ Readers Only. Graphic content and subject matter.