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A Little High (Rainey Paxton Series Book 2)

Nothing matters more than getting the next fix.

A Little High - by author Paige Dearth

By Paige Dearth

First came the shocking story of Rainey Paxton being born addicted to heroin, and the sacrifices she made to accommodate her parents’ reckless lifestyle. Now comes the terrifying, extraordinary novel that picks up after Rainey’s release from juvenile detention.

With no money, and lost in a section of North Philadelphia dominated by gangs and violence, Rainey won’t accept that it may be too late to save Ivy. Instead, she pushes all limits to fight for her sister, surrendering herself to keep her vow.

When Rainey finds her eight-year-old sister Ivy, she is neglected by her parents and ravaged by her circumstances.

Against the odds, Rainey presses forward to create a different life. The pain of her childhood and the realization that her parents are more in love with heroin than their children are reminders of the lessons her aunt Sophie taught her when she was young.

Rainey Paxton attracts people from the wrong side of the tracks—some who love to hate her, and others who live to be loved by her. But nothing comes between her and fate—not even her willingness to die to save her sister.

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**WARNING** 18+ Readers Only. Graphic content and subject matter.